Joint industry call for a binding EU target for biomethane

23 October 2023

EUGINE has joined a group of 45 organisations to call for a binding 2030 EU-level target for biomethane to be included in the Hydrogen & Gas Package under negotiation.

REPowerEU put forward an ambitious plan for renewable gases and it is the role of the Hydrogen & Gas Package to give legal status to those ambitions. The signatories acknowledge the efforts already undertaken by policymakers to reflect some of the REPowerEU ambitions into the Hydrogen & Gas Package.

Nevertheless, the 35 bcm of biomethane would remain an objective in the Regulation’s recitals and would therefore be non-binding. The signatories therefore urge policymakers to deliver an ambitious binding target for biomethane at the EU level by embedding a gas decarbonisation target in the Package.

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