EUGINE is the voice of Europe’s engine power plant industry. Our members are the leading European manufacturers of engine power plants and their key components.

Our Vision

  • Net-Zero is reached in 2050 at the latest: Achieving the EU climate targets requires the European energy system in 2050 to be almost completely decarbonised
  • Renewable energies will the dominant solution: Electricity will be generated from renewable energy sources (RES). Most of it will come from variable renewable energy sources (vRES), while the rest will be provided by dispatchable renewable energy sources (dRES)
  • Flexibility will be a key system requirement: The necessary system flexibility will be provided by various solutions including flexible generation, storage and demand response, matching to the flexibility needs of the system, from the very short term to weeks or seasonal storage.

Our Goals

  • Acting as a knowledge centre for engine technology:   We are a knowledge-driven association underpinned by the work of our dedicated Task Forces. We serve as a networking platform
  • Contributing to European energy policy: EUGINE stands for a market that supports flexible solutions in the short, medium and long term. We advocate for an optimised business environment for engine power plants
  • Communicating about the solutions and services provided by the technology:   Engine power plants have series of key capabilities that make them essential partners in a flexible, reliable, efficient and integrated energy system. We make sure these capabilities are well known and acknowledged

Our Association

  • Driven by Industry:
    EUGINE’s work is supervised by a Board consisting of industry leaders from all member companies. Dedicated Task Forces actively contribute to the positioning of the association
  • Offices in Brussels and Frankfurt:
    Our team is located in Brussels, at the heart of European decision-making, and at VDMA in Frankfurt, one of Europe’s leading engineering associations
  • A reliable partner:
    EUGINE provides reliable information and proven facts to European decision makers and legislators and is listed in the EU Transparency Register