Checklist for the use of hydrogen in existing engine power plants

The purpose of this checklist is to provide interested parties with an overview of the potential impact of switching an existing engine power plant, built for the use with natural gas, to hydrogen. The switch could be either toward pure hydrogen or to a blend of natural gas and a certain share of hydrogen.

The evaluation for each individual engine power plant has to take place on a case-by-case approach, as the plants have been built based on a unique set of specifications agreed between operator and technology provider.

The components listed here are those elements of an engine power plant that must be considered when foreseeing a switch of a gas engine power plant from the use of natural gas to a mix of 25% (volume) hydrogen blended to natural gas or an operation with close to 100% hydrogen.

The list is to be seen as a basis for discussions between plant owners and technology suppliers. Part of the specific plant to be considered may already be compliant without modifications, while other parts might need to be modified.

EUGINE Checklist

The table presented below gives an indication of how likely it will be that certain components of a plant built for the use of natural gas will need to be adapted to make it ready for the use of hydrogen.

When it’s indicated that adaptations are needed, these can often be simple and cheap – that is, a high number of modifications do not automatically indicate a costly upgrade. Many of the modifications can be done during planned inspection and maintenance activities, scheduled to upgrade or exchange components at regular intervals.