For a Gas Package that truly supports the roll-out of H2-Ready Appliances

28 October 2022

In the context of the review of the gas market rules (“gas markets and hydrogen package”), EUGINE, EUTurbines and EHI call on policymakers to enact a legislative framework that truly supports the roll-out of hydrogen-ready appliances.

At the centre of such a framework, a “hydrogen ready” definition will help create transparency and a common understanding among market participants and regulators.

Such a definition should:

  • Consider the repurposing of existing grids and installations.
  • Consider the adaptation cost, allowing to prioritise the grids and installations with low adaptation costs.
  • Consider the blending of hydrogen as an interim solution.

In addition to a general definition, a delegated act should define equipment-specific readiness criteria.

A broad definition should open the way to harmonised reporting and make sure market actors and investors have access to information on the hydrogen-readiness level of a given network or installation.

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