The European Engine Power Plants Forum 2017

Tuesday June 28, 2017, 10:00 h - 12:30 h In cooperation with CIMAC and Power-Gen Europe CIMAC Circle at Power-Gen 2017 in CologneWelcome by Axel Kettmann, VP of CIMAC Keynote speech by Thorsten Herdan, Director General of the energy policy department, German...more >


EUGINE hosted discussion on Capacity Mechanisms in the European Parliament

Over 100 participants from the European Parliament, European Commission, representations of EU member states and energy policy lobbyists joined a dinner debate on capacity mechanism hosted by EUGINE on 22 March in the European Parliament.Following an introduction by Ralf Wezel...more >


Have a look at the EUGINE video on Power-to-Gas

We have prepared a short video summarising the main messages from our Power-to-Gas-to-Power event end of last year. In short statements the panellists of this joint EUGINE-EUTurbines event explain the challenges, the solution and the way forward.Re-electrification of green gas...more >


High potential for Power-to-Gas in power generation

EUGINE and EUTurbines jointly organised a conference on 9 November to present Power-to-Gas in power generation as a promising solution to contribute to the increasing demands for flexibility in the energy system, exploring opportunities and challenges of this option. The...more >


Conference on Power-to-Gas on 9 November 2016 in Brussels

Jointly organised by EUGINE and EUTurbinesHigh potential for Power-to-Gas in power generation –Providing flexibility and contributing to decarbonisation Power-to-Gas-to-Power is a promising solution, which can contribute to solving the flexibility challenge in a system with an ever-increasing share of variable renewable...more >
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