EUGINE is the voice of the European reciprocating engine power plants industry in regulatory and policy matters relating to energy and is recognised accordingly by the public and European policy decision-makers.

The association contributes to the development of an efficient, responsive, fast, reliable and environmentally sound European energy system.

Our Goals
  • Being a centre of knowledge for engine power plant technology and energy market design
  • Contributing to European energy policy and an optimised business environment by:
    • strengthening the image of engine power plants as an essential technology
    • ensuring that the value of flexibility is recognised and is given a fair demand-oriented price
    • ensuring that engine power plants are seen as a solution for providing flexible, renewable electricity
  • Serving as a networking platform for the European engine power plants industry and its stakeholders
Our Industry
  • One billion Euro turnover:
    We unite the leading European manufacturers of engine power plants and their key components
  • More than 10 000 jobs:
    A dynamic EU-based business sector providing qualified work in manufacturing and engineering all over Europe
  • Broad range of solutions:
    Engines cover an output range between 6kW and 21 MW – combined in modular systems the sector delivers power plants up to 600 MW
  • Meeting the needs of Europe’s future energy mix:
    Our members provide forward-looking solutions for flexible electricity generation
  • Proven technology:
    More than 30 GW capacity installed in the EU
Our Association
  • Driven by Industry:
    EUGINE's work is supervised by a Board consisting of industry leaders from all member companies. Dedicated Task Forces actively contribute to the positioning of the association
  • Offices in Brussels and Frankfurt:
    Our team is located in Brussels, at the heart of European decision-making, and at VDMA in Frankfurt, Europe's leading engineering association
  • Reliable partner of EU institutions:
    EUGINE provides reliable information and proven facts to European decision makers and legislators and is listed in the EU Transparency Register