Support for a market-based approach with EUGINE at the European Parliament

The dinner-debate on "Electricity market design: creating the right incentives to ensure security of supply at minimum cost", organised by EUGINE, in the framework of the European Energy Forum, was a great success. This event which took place on 12 October, at the European Parliament, was a unique opportunity to promote a cost-efficient, sustainable and market-based approach for the upcoming electricity system's reform. Among the participants - around 100 persons - Paul Rübig MEP and Florian Ermacora from DG Energy warmly welcomed the speech of Kari Hietanen, President of EUGINE, on the necessity and solutions to reward flexibility in tomorrow's electricity system. EUGINE thanks the representatives of the EU institutions and stakeholders who attended this event for their interest and valuable comments.

See Kari Hietanen's presentation