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Press Release: A Taxonomy that aligns sustainability with energy system needs

The Taxonomy delegated acts still fall short on recognising that a sustainable energy system, based on high shares of variable wind and solar energy, will need a considerable amount of flexible back-up solutions to ensure that the energy supply is...more >


EUGINE and EUTurbines Joint Press Release: The Energy System Integration and Hydrogen Strategies: a missed opportunity?

The right intention but insufficient conclusions and actions. This is the summary of EUTurbines and EUGINE on the Energy System Integration Strategy presented today by the European Commission. While the Hydrogen Strategy has a more inclusive approach, the Energy System...more >


EUGINE and EUTurbines Joint Press Release: Climate-neutrality - renewable gases as a prerequisite

“The climate-neutrality objective provides certainty on the direction we are heading in for 2050 but lacks clarity on the steps in between and the solutions to be developed for achieving it”, said Ralf Wezel, Secretary General of both EUGINE and...more >


EUGINE and EUTurbines Joint Press Release European Green Deal: Opportunities for renewable gas power generation

EUTurbines and EUGINE welcome the ambitions expressed in the European Green Deal presented today. The European gas power plant industry, represented by the two associations covering turbine and engine technologies respectively, supports the targets of climate-neutrality and the decarbonisation of...more >


Climate: The EIB acknowledges the role of cogeneration & renewable gas

Following the adoption by the European Investment Bank (EIB) of a new energy lending policy aligned with the Paris Climate Agreement, EUGINE Secretary General Ralf Wezel commented as follows: “The EIB has played a key role in funding valuable projects...more >
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