The "flexibility challenge" has to be met while completing the Internal Energy Market

EUGINE, European Engine Power Plants Association, welcomes the communication entitled “Progress towards completing the Internal Energy Market” the European Commission published on 13th October.
“We are pleased that the European Commission intends to integrate renewables ‘in a secure and reliable manner’ and is thinking about solutions to the ‘flexibility challenge’ the EU has to face due to the ongoing development of intermittent and partially unpredictable energy sources” said Kari Hietanen, President of EUGINE.
“We support the will of the European Commission to develop market-based solutions with a level-playing-field for investments in flexibility solutions as well as to encourage flexible electricity generation. However, the development of market-based solutions needs much more concrete actions, as soon as possible.” added Hietanen.
“Beyond the debate on the optimal share of renewables in 2030, we now need a proper analysis on how to best integrate them into the grid and balance supply and demand of electricity. Time is flying. The European Union needs a specific strategy to meet the rising flexibility challenge" concluded Hietanen.

Communication "Progress towards completing the Internal Energy Market"