EUGINE Position on the negotiations for a WTO Environmental Goods Agreement

EUGINE supports the inclusion of engines and alternators for engine power plants in the planned WTO Environmental Goods Agreement. Engine power plants can be run burning biogas or biofuels, increasing the share of renewable in the electricity system. In addition...more >


Capacity mechanisms: EUGINE contribution to the public consultation

The fact that 28 capacity mechanisms were found in the 11 countries selected by DG Competition shows to what extent the internal market threatens to be distorted and undermined by purely national considerations. EUGINE regards this sector inquiry as a...more >


RED II: EUGINE contribution to the public consultation

In its Energy Union Framework Strategy, the European Commission announced a new renewable energy package for the period after 2020 to include a new renewable energy directive (REDII) for the period 2020-2030 and an updated EU bioenergy sustainability policy. EUGINE...more >


EUGINE Position on German Capacity Reserve Plans

EUGINE welcomes the principles underlying the legislative draft, but questions the necessity for a capacity reserve in a well designed improved energy-only market. EUGINE's main concerns regarding the draft are connected with a lack of technological neutrality. Furthermore it is...more >


Market design: EUGINE contribution to the public consultation

As centre of knowledge for engine power plant technology and electricity market design, EUGINE welcomed the consultative communication on market design the European Commission published on 15 July 2015. The European Engine Power Plants Association is pleased to have the...more >
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