Position paper - Clean energy for all Europeans

Clean energy for all Europeans (2/3)Governance regulation & RED IIFostering renewables & flexibility solutionsEUGINE welcomes the European Commission’s legislative proposals aiming at further developing the various types of renewable energies and at meeting the EU targets through a consistent governance....more >


Position paper - Clean energy for all Europeans

Clean energy for all Europeans (1/2)Shaping a supportive market design The market design proposals represent a unique tool and opportunity for EU decision-makers to both make the Energy Union happen and help Europe meet its climate and energy targets for 2030,...more >


EUGINE joins industry coalition for an ambitious EU industrial strategy

EUGINE has signed a common declaration of a large coalition of European industry associations, requesting the European Commission to come up with a strategy and an action plan on how to better support the European manufacturing sector. The declaration is...more >


Electricity balancing: EUGINE's feedback on the draft guideline

EUGINE is the centre of knowledge for engine power plant technology and electricity market design. Its members are the leading European manufacturers of engine power plants and their key components. As flexible, energy-efficient, reliable and environmentally sound technology, engine power...more >


Power-to-Gas: Balancing the energy system with green fuel

Due to the ongoing energy transition, increasing shares of variable renewable energy sources (V-RES) only producing electricity when the sun is shining or the wind is blowing are being introduced into the energy mix. This variability generates an increasing challenge:...more >
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