EUGINE – EEX joint position paper on the electricity market design

Ensuring a successful trilogue for a future-proof electricity market design The European Parliament and the Council of the European Union have finalised their respective amendments to the European Commission original version of the Electricity Market Regulation and Directive as published in...more >


EUGINE TF Gas Quality 2018-04-13 Contribution to the CEN SFGas GQS Simple Scenario Assessment

Power plants using reciprocating gas engines are important “end users” of the gas grid. The gas quality is of essential importance for the safety, environmental performance and efficiency of these gas engine power plants. Against this background, EUGINE is pleased...more >


Brexit/Energy: high time to tackle a myriad of concrete problems

The United Kingdom's decision to withdraw from the European Union, the so-called "Brexit", is once again on the agenda of the two EU co-legislators this week (European Parliament) and next week (European Council). The United Kingdom is a key country...more >


Position paper - Clean energy for EU Islands

EUGINE welcomes the ‘Clean Energy for EU Islands’ initiative aiming at modernising the energy supply of the more than 2200 inhabited EU islands. EUGINE shares the European Commission’s view that “islands have the potential to be natural winners and leaders in...more >


IGDs on frequency: EUGINE contribution to the ENTSO-E consultation

EUGINE's Task Force Connection Network Codes contributed to the ENTSO-E consultation on the Implementation Guidance Documents regarding Frequency Stability Parameters. See the EUGINE contribution here
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