EUGINE position on "Deterministic Frequency Deviations"

In cooperation with EUTurbines, the EUGINE task force on connection network codes has taken position on the ENTSO-E report on "Deterministic Frequency Deviations" (DFD)."This report elaborates on the general approach for mitigating and alleviating the DFDs in Continental Europe (CE)...more >


Joint letter to VP Timmermans on power-to-X: “A key to a climate-neutral Europe by 2050”

We all agree – there is no silver bullet. Instead, a wide range of technologies and solutions are necessary to reach climate neutrality. Particularly, we will not be able to reach this goal, if renewable energy is only carried via...more >


Joint statement for A Taxonomy Delivering Sustainable Growth in Europe

EUGINE has co-signed an industry statement on the Taxonomy Regulation. You can download the complete document here.


Position paper on sector coupling : “Towards a climate-neutral Europe”

EUGINE welcomes the EU’s climate neutrality ambition and supports the related ongoing preparatory work. The manufacturers of engine power plants strongly believe in the role of both ‘sector coupling’ and all kinds of gas, from natural gas to renewable gases,...more >


EUGINE contribution to ACER consultation on CO2 emission limits for capacity mechanisms

EUGINE has been actively pleading for the adoption of a simple harmonised calculation methodology for the new CO2 emission limits for power plants participating in capacity mechanisms. It is important that the same clear requirements apply to power plant operators...more >
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