Engine power plants – keeping the lights on in COVID-19 times

Engine power plants often supply electricity and heat/cold to critical infrastructure such as hospitals, airports, data centres or industrial plants. Due to its compact size and installation behind closed doors, engine power plants are not very visible, but also during...more >


EUGINE/EUTurbines Position on Energy System Integration

In a joint position paper on energy system integration, EUGINE, together with EUTurbines, calls for a balanced decarbonisation approach supporting and reaping all the benefits from the uptake of renewable and decarbonised gases, such as the possibility of long-term and...more >


Economic recovery: EUGINE and the gas sector support investments in sustainable European technologies

The undersigned organisations would like to express their strong support for the EU’s response to tackle the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. We urge EU institutions and national governments to continue to support the EU climate neutrality target in 2050...more >


EUGINE initiates letter to EU Commission on critical infrastructure

EUGINE, together with EUTurbines, initiated a joint letter Cogen Europe, EBA, ETE, ETN, EUGINE, EUTurbines, SolarPower Europe and WindEurope, associations representing the providers of power generation technologies and services.The coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis presents a great challenge to the European economy...more >


Biogas: joint industry position on the proposed review of ETS MRR Art 39(3)

EUGINE together with seven other associations of the gas value chain sent a joint letter to European Commission and Member States raising concerns regarding a possible discrimination of biogas as solution to reduce GHG, caused by the planned revision of...more >
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