Position Paper - Recommendations to meet the "Flexibility Challenge"

Renewable energy sources (RES) are playing a steadily increasing role in the EU power system. Unfortunately, due to wind and sun intensity variations, it is difficult to precisely foresee RES output and to match electricity production with demand. The European...more >


The "flexibility challenge" has to be met while completing the Internal Energy Market

EUGINE, European Engine Power Plants Association, welcomes the communication entitled “Progress towards completing the Internal Energy Market” the European Commission published on 13th October. “We are pleased that the European Commission intends to integrate renewables ‘in a secure and reliable manner’...more >


EUGINE and 56 organisations join forces for 2030

In view of the upcoming meeting of the European Council (23rd and 24th October) - which is expected to prepare a common position on future energy and climate targets for 2030 - EUGINE and 56 other organisations signed a letter...more >
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