Risk preparedness: EUGINE contribution to the public consultation

As centre of knowledge for engine power plant technology and electricity market design, EUGINE is pleased to have the opportunity to express its views on risk preparedness in the area of security of electricity supply. For EUGINE, "Member States should...more >


Designing Electricity Markets - EUGINE recommends solutions for a Successful Energy Transition

To achieve a succesful European energy transition at minimum cost, EUGINE recommends solutions which are European-wide, based on market forces and empowering market players: EUGINE - Background Paper on Designing Electricity Markets for a Successful Energy Transition


EUGINE response to the ENTSO-E consultation on electricity balancing network code

EUGINE warmly welcomes the current reflection on the harmonisation of imbalance settlement periods. As the share of intermittent renewables in the overall energy mix is progressively and steadily growing, this is a very timely and important discussion. EUGINE believes that...more >


ETS Reform - The contribution of EUGINE

EUGINE strongly supports the principle of a market-based mechanism aiming at progressively decarbonising the EU economy. However, the EU ETS Directive should strongly contribute to the modernisation of the EU power system. It should take into account the major changes...more >


Position Paper - EUGINE response to German Greenbook consultation

EUGINE participated in the German Greenbook consultation.The EUGINE paper has been published on the website of the Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie (BMWi). EUGINE response to German Greenbook consultation EUGINE Beitrag zur Grünbuch Strommarkt Konsultation
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