Cogeneration in 2050 – an Untapped Potential

Cogeneration or, as it is also called, combined heat and power (CHP), can help users achieve significant savings and is a cost-efficient solution to help Europe decarbonize, while also enhancing the reliability and flexibility of a renewables-based, highly electrified and...more >


EUGINE Policy Navigator

After a legislative period mainly focused on the development of the electricity market and the adoption of the ‘clean energy’ package, the 2019-2024 legislative period should be focused on progressively decarbonising the gas grid as well as the heating, transport...more >


Key take-aways from flexibility study now available in German and French

10 key take-aways have been concluded from the study “Flexibility needs and options for Europe’s future electricity system”. Here you can find the whole study and the 10 take-aways, the latter in German and French versions as well. Download Study The 10 most...more >


Flexibility needs and options for Europe's future electricity System

With the political process about the future European electricity market design reaching its hot phase, EUGINE, the European engine power plant association, and Energy Brainpool, a consultancy specialised in the energy sector, have published an analysis of the key ability...more >


New EUGINE Brochure on Europe's Energy and Climate Policy

The brochure outlines EUGINE’s recommendations for the main challenges of Europe’s climate and energy policy and describes the contribution of engine power plants to a modern, efficient and environmentally sound energy generation that meets the needs of the European Union....more >
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