Flexibility needs and options for Europe's future electricity System

With the political process about the future European electricity market design reaching its hot phase, EUGINE, the European engine power plant association, and Energy Brainpool, a consultancy specialised in the energy sector, have published an analysis of the key ability needed for the stability of a renewables dominated energy system: flexibility.

The study provides evidence that it will need different flexibility options to match the different challenges from short- to long-term balancing of demand and supply in Europe’s electricity market. Operators will have to choose the right option according to the specific circumstances of the moment, with reaction time, duration needed and costs for the cyclical operation becoming key parameters for decision.

A simulation of the situation for Denmark and the 4 largest EU markets in 2030 shows that by that time large shares of available steerable power will need to start-up quickly in order to balance the fluctuating availability of electricity from wind and sun - despite growth in storage and grid expansion.

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The 10 most important things we learned from the study

Das Wichtigste aus der Flexibilitätsstudie