Cogeneration means the simultaneous generation of electricity and the recovery and utilisation of heat. Combined heat and power (CHP), as it is also called, is a very efficient form of energy conversion: energy efficiency rates of up to 95% may be achieved. Engine power plants in Europe are often run as cogeneration plants – using the recovered heat either for district heating purposes, heating specific building like hospitals, swimming pools, shopping centres or providing steam, heating or cooling for specific energy-intensive industry processes.

Achieving Europe’s ambitious energy policy targets implies that in addition to intermitting renewables a considerable amount of highly flexible and efficient energy generation capacities are part of the future energy mix. Cogeneration plants offer both advantages – flexibility and high efficiency.      

European legislation and policies therefore should

take into account that cogeneration provides a unique level of energy efficiency
ensure a level playing field for highly efficient cogeneration plants when providing electricity to the grid
promote the use of highly efficient cogeneration plants for internal consumption in energy-intensive industries
provide a prominent role for cogeneration in the planned heating and cooling strategy 




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