Network Codes

European regulators have adopted a set of comprehensive rules (“network codes”) whose role is to enable the smooth functioning of the increasingly integrated electricity markets in Europe. Electricity network codes determine standards that generators must respect to connect to the grid, how transmission system operators should manage their grid and react to emergencies, how they should balance electricity networks to ensure supply matches demand and how cross-border capacity is allocated and managed.

One of the most relevant network codes for EUGINE is the one that sets requirements for generators to connect to the grid (Regulation 2016/631). As an active member of the Grid Connection European Stakeholder Committee (GC ESC), EUGINE monitors its implementation and proposes improvements whenever relevant.

In addition, EUGINE follows the development of voluntary standards at both European (CEN-CENELEC) and international (ISO-IEC) level. We thus make sure that technical capabilities of engine power plants are fully considered in standardisation processes.


EUGINE Comments reviewed IGD on Compliance Verification

At the end of 2020, ENTSO-E, the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity, launched a consultation on the review of several Implementation Guidance Documents (IGDs). IGDs support the national implementation of the Connection Network Codes (CNCs) and are...more >


IGDs on frequency: EUGINE contribution to the ENTSO-E consultation

EUGINE's Task Force Connection Network Codes contributed to the ENTSO-E consultation on the Implementation Guidance Documents regarding Frequency Stability Parameters.

See the EUGINE contribution here


EUGINE response to the ENTSO-E consultation on electricity balancing network code

EUGINE warmly welcomes the current reflection on the harmonisation of imbalance settlement periods. As the share of intermittent renewables in the overall energy mix is progressively and steadily growing, this is a very timely and important discussion. EUGINE believes that...more >


EUGINE and Europgen response to the joint ACER and ENTSO-E consultation on the role of stakeholders

After four years of network codes development process, the time of finalisation, adoption and implementation has come. EUGINE and Europgen warmly welcome this consultation process and the project of establishing European stakeholder committees and dedicated European expert groups to involve...more >


EUGINE response to ACER call for comments on revised network code on electricity balancing

EUGINE warmly welcomes the content of the revised version of the network code on electricity balancing as submitted by ENTSO-E to the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER). As a recent organisation, this is the first time that...more >