Policy Areas

Climate Policy

Achieving the EU climate targets requires the European energy system in 2050 to be almost decarbonised. In such a system, engine power plants will provide the necessary system flexibility and reliability and operate with all kinds of renewable gases, from biogas to renewable hydrogen.

Energy policy

To reach net-zero, energy policy will need to devise a new regulatory framework that supports the flexible supply of electricity, the uptake of renewable gases and innovative solutions such as cogeneration and Power-to-Gas-to-Power that help integrate different energy sectors and sources.

Network Codes

To enable the smooth functioning of increasingly integrated energy markets, regulators are developing “network codes” setting common standards on grid connection, operation and balancing.

Funding & Research

Funding will be another essential element to support the modernisation of Europe’s energy system and to make it climate neutral. EUGINE contributes to shaping EU funding opportunities and informs its members about relevant procedures and conditions.