Funding & Research

EUGINE contributes to shaping funding and financing opportunities and informs its members about relevant procedures and conditions.

The increasing need for flexibility and the climate-neutrality objective require a quick adaptation of energy technologies to new challenges and objectives. EUGINE helps its members in their research efforts by monitoring the EU research and innovation programmes and takes an active part in European Union research-related initiatives.

The public funding of renewable gases and high-efficiency energy technologies is made possible thanks to the EU rules on state aid for energy and environment. EUGINE monitors their application and the effect of competition policy on the energy power plant market.


GBER should recognise the capacity of gas technology to switch to renewable operation

EUGINE has provided input to the European Commission on the Targeted review of the General Block Exemption Regulation (GBER). The GBER allows EU Member States to provide state funding to certain activities (such as small cogeneration plants) without having...more >


EUGINE Replies to the Consultation on the Revision of the Guidelines on State aid for Environmental protection and Energy 2014-2020 (EEAG)

State aid rules have a strong impact on the business case of environmentally friendly energy projects such as gas engines running on biogas or used for high-efficiency cogeneration (on-site combined heat and power production). EUGINE has therefore replied to the...more >