Energy Policy

EUGINE promotes a properly functioning energy system that helps the EU achieve its energy and climate objectives, including a reliable, cost-efficient and sustainable power system and an energy transition at minimum cost.

The energy system of the future will combine gas, electricity and heat/cold networks to make best use of the available energy resources. Customers should be able to choose the energy mix and technologies that suit them best – such as highly (cost-)efficient cogeneration (heat and power) plants. By connecting the grids and efficiently using energy on the supply side, (renewable) gas power plants contribute to a swift energy transformation.

An energy system dominated by variable renewables will require considerable levels of flexible back-up. Through their very quick reaction times, engine power plants are perfect to balance supply and demand – they provide highly flexible power whenever needed. To ensure the necessary dispatchable capacity is available in the future energy system, flexibility will need to be adequately rewarded through energy markets.


Gas power generation in the EU Taxonomy – Our Assessment

At the end of 2021, the European Commission published its long-awaited draft Complementary Delegated Act (DA) on gas and nuclear. EUGINE welcomes the recognition of the importance of gas power generation for the energy transition in this draft complementary DA,...more >


EUGINE-EUTurbines - Press Release Hydrogen and Gas Market Decarbonisation Package - 2021-12-15

The publication of the Hydrogen and Gas Market Decarbonisation Package is an important milestone towards the decarbonisation of the European economy. The gas sector is...more >


EUGINE replies to consultation on the amendment of the EU electricity balancing pricing methodology

ACER, the European agency for the cooperation of energy regulators, launched a public consultation on the amendment of the EU electricity balancing pricing methodology. The main element of the consultation was to gather views on an amendment proposal presented by Transmission...more >


Joint Statement: A Taxonomy Delivering Sustainable Growth in Europe

EUGINE, together with 11 other sectorial associations, has co-signed a statement calling for a Taxonomy “Climate Delegated Act” that truly promotes necessary investments enabling a sustainable transition to climate neutrality.

The joint statement lists several key points already repeatedly underlined by...more >


The EU Taxonomy Should Stick to its Initial Purpose

EUGINE and EUTurbines, the gas power plants technology providers, have submitted a common contribution to the consultation on the “Report on Taxonomy extension options linked to environmental objectives” from the Platform on Sustainable Finance. In our reply, we underline...more >


Draft CEEAG Must Recognise Fuel Flexibility of Gas-Fired Technology

At the beginning of June, the European Commission published a first version of its Draft Climate, Energy and Environmental Aid Guidelines (CEEAG).

In our feedback, sent to the Commission, we underline that gas-fired power generation is not bound...more >


EUGINE Develops Hydrogen-Readiness Concept for Gas Power Plants

With the publication of the EU’s “hydrogen strategy for a climate-neutral Europe” in July 2020, hydrogen was recognised as key priority in Europe’s ambitions to become climate neutral by 2050.

As from 2025, hydrogen should become an intrinsic part of...more >


Consultation on Hydrogen and Decarbonising the EU Gas Market - EUGINE Contribution

In the context of the European Green Deal ambition to decarbonise the EU gas sector, the European Commission launched a consultation to seek stakeholders’ views on revising the EU gas market rules. The questions raised in the consultation relate...more >


EUGINE Joins Call for Renewable and Decarbonised Gas Targets

Renewable and decarbonised gases will play a decisive role in helping the EU economy reach net-zero. To deliver on the potential of gas to contribute to lowering emissions, the signatories of this joint letter call for an EU policy framework...more >


Press Release: A Taxonomy that aligns sustainability with energy system needs

The Taxonomy delegated acts still fall short on recognising that a sustainable energy system, based on high shares of variable wind and solar energy, will need a considerable amount of flexible back-up solutions to ensure that the energy supply is...more >


Joint EUGINE EUTurbines Position Paper – Gas Markets Decarbonisation Package

EUGINE and EUTurbines, the gas power plants technology providers, welcome and support the European Commission’s initiative to prepare gas markets for the increased climate ambition of the European Union. A consistent EU-wide legal framework will be essential to drive the...more >


EUGINE Replies to the Consultation on the Revision of the Guidelines on State aid for Environmental protection and Energy 2014-2020 (EEAG)

State aid rules have a strong impact on the business case of environmentally friendly energy projects such as gas engines running on biogas or used for high-efficiency cogeneration (on-site combined heat and power production). EUGINE has therefore replied to the...more >


Cogeneration in 2050 – an Untapped Potential

Cogeneration or, as it is also called, combined heat and power (CHP), can help users achieve significant savings and is a cost-efficient solution to help Europe decarbonize, while also enhancing the reliability and flexibility of a renewables-based, highly electrified and...more >


EUGINE position on the Taxonomy draft delegated act

EUGINE believes that the suggested criteria for gas-based electricity and heat generation in the draft delegated act on climate change mitigation and the “do no significant harm” criterion under climate change adaptation fall short of being in line with the...more >


EUGINE and EUTurbines Joint Press Release: The Energy System Integration and Hydrogen Strategies: a missed opportunity?

The right intention but insufficient conclusions and actions. This is the summary of EUTurbines and EUGINE on the Energy System Integration Strategy presented today by the European Commission. While the Hydrogen Strategy has a more inclusive approach, the Energy System...more >


EUGINE/EUTurbines Position on Energy System Integration

In a joint position paper on energy system integration, EUGINE, together with EUTurbines, calls for a balanced decarbonisation approach supporting and reaping all the benefits from the uptake of renewable and decarbonised gases, such as the possibility of long-term and...more >