Greening Heating & Cooling with Biogas

Jointly organised by EBA and EUGINE

“Greening Heating & Cooling with Biogas” was the topic of the breakfast-discussion EUGINE organised with EBA (European Biogas Association) at the European Parliament, on 29 June. This event gathered decision-makers (Parliamentarians, European Commission, etc.) and industry representatives interested in how to increase both energy-efficiency and the use of renewables using engine-based cogeneration power plants running on biogas. Various case studies showcased advantages of engine power plants transforming waste into carbon-neutral energy. “It was a timely, lively and fruitful discussion. We now want the market design initiative of the European Commission to improve the business case for flexibility solutions like engine power plants, including those running on biogas and providing sustainable green energy” said EUGINE Secretary General Ralf Wezel.

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