Reliable - Base Load Power Plants

Thanks to their reliability, safety and robustness, engine power plants provide steady power, around the clock, to meet the continuous electricity demand (‘base load’) of specific places or regions. Due to their high cost-efficiency and modularity, they represent an optimal solution to provide steady power at any location: small to medium-size engine power plants may be installed in the basement or on the roof of buildings or even be containerised.

Base load engine power plants are also particularly suitable for challenging conditions, in remote locations (islands) and in extreme climates (deserts, mountains). The robust technology makes engine power plants also an ideal solution to convert special gases like landfill or coal mine gases into base-load energy. Finally, no need to wait to get them running: some of them may even be installed within two weeks.

Source: Wärtsilä
Efficiency through Modularity

Even if this is not their primary task, base load power plants need also - to a certain extent - to adapt to variations of power demand. While other technologies face technical problems or higher costs when adjusting load to the actual demand, engine power plants are a very suitable technology to perform this task. In engine power plants combining twenty or thirty engines, each of these units may be started or stopped within minutes to perfectly match power needs, reduce costs and unnecessary emissions in idle or minimum-load mode. Unlike other units, engine power plants are able to do this without requiring higher maintenance checks.

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