Fast - Emergency Reserve Power Plants

Benefitting from a steady power supply is key for numerous economic activities. This reliability must be ensured at any time, including in cases of storms, grid problems and power failures.
For this, clinics, data centers, banks or farms need emergency reserve engine power plants providing energy right away, if needed. Such units are usually running on diesel so that they can react within seconds. In addition to their main task, they may also deliver ancillary services to the public network.

What is true at local level is also true at systemic level: electric utilities and transmission system operators as well are investing in this type of emergency power plants to avoid disturbances on the grid and their potential huge related costs. Such engines may be dual-fuel engines and thus be running on diesel, gas or both at the same time. This represents an optimal solution to ensure the security of supply and adjust to fluctuating fuel prices.

Even Nuclear Power Plants Need
Engine Power Plants

Further to the Fukushima nuclear accident, the French Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) has decided that each of the French nuclear reactors should be made safer through the installation of 58 emergency diesel generators. These engines will be constantly ready to provide electricity in case of power failure to parts of the nuclear power plants which are key for the overall safety. These new emergency reserve power plants will considerably enhance the safety of the nuclear reac- tors concerned.

Examples for Emergency Reserve Power Plants see here