Efficient - Cogeneration Power Plants

Energy efficiency has become a strategic issue for all energy consumers. For locations using both electricity and thermal energy like in swimming pools, hospitals or shopping centres, combined heat and power (CHP) power plants, also known as cogeneration power plants, are an optimal solution. Thanks to the simultaneous production and use of both electricity and heat, an exceptional energy efficiency of up to 95% may be achieved, which means up to 40% energy savings. Beyond cogeneration, trigeneration (combined heat, power and cooling) and quadgeneration (recovery of carbon dioxide from the exhaust gas) offers very interesting opportunities for today's and tomorrow's users' needs. These cost-efficient and environmental-friendly  solutions are also a way to provide decentralised energy and to avoid the costly development of high-voltage power transmission lines.

a very efficient solution

In order to generate the same amount of electricity and heat, the separated generation needs in average 66 % more energy input than cogeneration. Power plants with Combined Heat and Power (CHP) ensure a higher energy efficiency which means reduced primary energy consumption, energy import and energy dependency. Therefore cogeneration engine power plants represent a key tool to achieve current EU targets.

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