Engine Power Plants

Engine power plants will play a vital role within the future energy mix. Already today engine power plants are a widely used technology in energy generation, mainly in the field of emergency power and combined heat and power applications.

The integration of more and more intermitting renewable energy into the European electricity grid generate the need for a very flexible and fast back-up solution to ensure the supply in times where no sufficient energy can be generated from sun and wind. This task can easily be performed by engine power plants, running within minutes of start up and can provide the correct electricity needed, thanks to their modularity.

Engine power plant technology provides the following advantages:

● Only energy that is really needed is generated - no excess capacities and emissions produced

● Use of biomass, biofuels, sewage gas, landfill gas etc. as primary energy

● Clean engine technologies

● Decentralised applications – reduced demand of additional power lines

● High efficiency rates – especially in combined heat & power generation