Responsive - Peak Load Power Plants

Source: Caterpillar
Renewables + Engine Power Plants = Tomorrow’s Power Generation

According to the American Wind Energy Association, the state of Kansas produced 21.7 % of its electricity from wind power in 2014. In order to offset the growing variations generated by the rising share of wind power, the 'Mid Kansas Electric Company LLC' built in 2014 the 'Rubart' engine power plant made of twelve highly flexible engines. This power plant is feeding up to 110 MW to the grid every time the wind dies down, instantaneously providing the flexible power needed to meet the demand.
More and More Engines to Manage the Energy Turnaround

The municipal utility of the German city  of Rosenheim is taking part in the energy transition. It developed an 'energy concept' and invested in five highly flexible gas engines generating about 40 % of the electricity and 20 % of the heat consumed in the city of Rosenheim. These engines are used as an essential complement to variable renewable energy sources. Since the energy transition is an ongoing process, more and more renewable energy is going to be provided to the grid and the Rosenheim municipal utility is therefore planning to install further gas engines to meet the growing variations.

Source: GE

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