Dispatchable, Decentralised Energy

Engine power plants can provide steady power at any location. Thanks to their flexibility and versatility, they can act as baseload plants – helping to provide a continuous flow of power – or as plants that help balance energy supply and demand – acting as the perfect complement to variable renewable energy.

Cogeneration Plants

Very often, engine power plants run as “cogeneration” plants, providing both electricity and heat. Cogeneration plants are an attractive solution for industry, local public buildings and district heating systems.

Green Electricity

Engine power plants run on the full range of fuel types, from different biofuels to all types of gases, such as sewage gas and biogas. In the near future, they will also run on hydrogen gained from excess renewable electricity.

Emergency Reserve Power

Benefitting from a steady power supply is key for numerous economic activities. A wide range of services, from hospitals to data centres and public utilities use emergency reserve engine power plants to avoid disturbances to their services, which can sometimes turn out to be extremely costly.