Green Electricity

Engine power plants run on the full range of fuel types, from different biofuels to all types of gases, such as sewage gas and biogas. They are therefore a very useful technology to help Europe reach net-zero emissions while making best use of its resources. In the near future, our technology will be able to run on green hydrogen gained from excess renewable electricity.

Biogas: From Parma Pigs’ Manure to Green Electricity

A pig farmer from the region of Parma (Italy) has invested in two biogas engine power plants: the liquid manure produced by his pigs ferments with corn in a big green tank to produce biogas which powers the containerised cogeneration engine power plants. While the electricity generated is fed into the public grid, the heat produced is used to keep the pigsties warm in winter.

Source: MTU

Green Hydrogen Powering Cogeneration Plants and Rockets

The H2ORIZON Project, funded by the German Aerospace Center (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt) and the company ZEAG Energie AG, aims at developing knowledge of how green hydrogen can be linked to industrial consumers. The project uses green hydrogen from wind power in rocket test benches and in an engine power plant providing the test site with green heat and power.