Fast - Emergency Reserve Power Plants

In Porto, Engines Are Always Ready To Save Lives

The Hospital São João of Porto in Portugal benefits from steady power supply and safe surgery conditions thanks to two emergency reserve engines installed in an underground room of the hospital. This power plant is able to provide full power output for all the buildings within 15 seconds. Except if there are grid power outages, these generators should only operate around 50 hours a year, for the regular controls. However, these engines are extremely useful: they offer safety to patients and peace of mind to the staff of the hospital... 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

Source: Cummins Power Generation

Source: Wärtsilä

Electricity Security of Supply for Estonia

The Kiisa emergency reserve power plant was commissioned by the Estonian transmission system operator Elering to cover one sixth of Estonia's maximum electricity consumption in  the winter and consequently to provide valuable electricity security of supply to this country. The 27 engines of this power plant are mainly running on gas but have also the capability of using light fuel oil as back-up. Together they may provide 250 MW to the grid in less than 10 minutes.

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