Efficient - Cogeneration Power Plants

Cogeneration and Athletic Performance going Hand in Hand

The municipal sport centre Rundforbi of Rudersdal municipality in Denmark has invested in three cogeneration units running on natural gas, each of them having 40 kW heat capacity and 20 kW electrical capacity. These high-efficiency engine-powered micro-cogeneration units are extremely responsive with practically no time needed for stop/start/ramp up. They provide an optimised solution for acute electrical load-following operation through fully automated, "learning" load-sharing and modulation of individual units. The customer is benefiting from vastly reduced energy costs.

Source: EC Power

Source: Unilever
Heat & Power for Cost-Efficient Ice-Cream Production

Cogeneration may also be very cost-efficient for industrial production processes using both electricity and heat. Germany’s largest ice cream producer installed in its plant of Heppenheim a heat-controlled cogeneration unit with a natural gas engine generating 1.7 MW of thermal power. The heat is used to turn the basic ingredients milk sugar, fat, chocolate, fruit preparations, aromas, water and air into rich ice cream but also for the cleaning and heating circuits as well as for the supply of hot water. Engine power plants can perfectly adapt to variable production needs.

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