Dispatchable, Decentralised Energy

Engine power plants are the preferred option when it is critical to have dispatchable, reliable power. at any location: small to medium-size engine power plants may be installed in the basement or on the roof of buildings or even be containerised.

Thanks to their responsiveness and very fast starting and ramping capabilities, engine power plants are highly flexible. They are perfectly well-suited to react as quickly as required by an unexpected increase of power demand or changes in weather conditions leading to a decrease of the power supplied by intermittent renewable energy sources (intermittency & flexibility challenges).

Thanks to their flexibility and versatility, then can act as the backbone of “energy centres”, where different technologies, from storage to renewable generation capacities, are integrated in one place and share a same grid connection.

"Containerised" Heat & Power in the Netherlands

This containerised cogeneration unit close to Rotterdam provides reliable steady power (500kW) and heat (400kW) to a housing complex. Thanks to this engine power plant installed in 2014, heating costs have been reduced dramatically. The electricity surplus is fed into the public grid, producing additional earnings.

Source: Liebherr

Source: MAN
Steady Power for the French Island of Martinique

This base load engine power plant, owned by the French utility 'Électricité de France', is located on the island of Martinique. It is composed of twelve engines generating 220 MW for the grid and meeting around 60% of the power needs of this Caribbean island. Since the power plant can cover its requirements using desalinated seawater instead of ground water, water resources are spared. In addition, the heat from the engines is used to generate the hot water required at the site.